Siyi Yang

Industrial Experience

  • (Summer 2020) System on Chip (SoC) design engineer with the Non-Volatile Memory Solutions (NSG) Group, Intel Corporation.

  • Project: Error floor optimization of non-binary LDPC codes tailored for 3DXP and 3D NAND products.

    My work was appreciated by my mentor and manager such that it gave me the opportunity to win an Intel Spontaneous Recognition Award.

Research Experience

  • (Summer 2015) Research assistant, supervised by Prof. Xiaodong Wang at Columbia University.

  • Project: LabVIEW USRP Implementation of MIMO RFID.

    Developed a prototype system that applied multiple antenna beam-forming techniques to RFID readers to enhance the interrogation range and reliability of the system’s complexity with a blind adaptive beam-forming (BABF) algorithm, using the USRP-N210 series with LabVIEW programming.

  • (Sep. 2015 - July. 2016) Research assistant, supervised by Prof. Yuan Shen at Tsinghua University.

  • Project: Theoretical Analysis on Information Coupling in Network Navigation.

    For undergrad thesis. Investigated the information coupling between neighboring agents induced by spatial cooperation and temporal cooperation in cooperative localization networks with Fisher Information Matrix (FIM) analysis, especially on the asymptotic attenuation characteristics of information coupling with respect to distance and relay in large-scale networks.